Why to get an online coach or mentor in 2018

You won’t believe how many people I meet, get emails from or just chat to, who ask me why they are not earning money online, with their online business.  I can understand that as there are definately a lot of shady people doing online marketing, promising the world and just failing to deliver.  Its because of many of these scammers that ethical internet marketers like myself, sometimes feel mispresented.

The problem with this is that most products that you buy on clickbank or other marketplaces promise you that you will make xxx dollars in xxx days, which is impossible to predict.   If you believe that you will be able to start a profitable online business from scratch, just from reading a report that cost you $10 or $17, then you are seriously mistaking.

It doesnt matter how good an online course, ebook, video series or software is, there will always be some gaps that it leaves in your learning.  Chances are that you already read a few articles, ebooks etc. online that tells you how to start your own online business from home.  I am sure many of these tips and techniques made sense for you, but can almost guarantee you that if you follow any of those systems, you will reach a point where you say “What now?” or “How do I move forward from here” or “How am I supposed to do this bit?”

Its for these reasons that you would need an online coach or mentor with a proven, step by step program, or system, that you can follow.  Normally these coaches will work with you one on one to make sure that you succeed. If you ever hit an obstacle or dont know how to move forward, they can personally help you to move forward to achieve your goals.  Normally you will also have full step by step video training that builds on itself, that will help you from going as a complete beginner to an expert marketer.

It may take some time, and it may cost you more money this way, but if you have a good coach, its almost impossible not to succeed.

If you ever need an online coach or mentor, please contact me at bertuseng[at]gmail.com and I will give you some good advice.

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